Essential Nutrients for Soilless Growing

Hydroponics is no different from any other form of agriculture. It is essential that your plants are receiving enough nutrients for soilless growing to grow and stay healthy. Generally, pre-mixed nutrient solutions can be purchased that will fill your needs, but creating your own customized solution of nutrients for soilless growing can sometimes be useful. … Read moreEssential Nutrients for Soilless Growing

Today’s GROWING Trends

There is a noticeable shift in society’s relationship with food and an increased appetite for organic and nutritious choices. People are realizing that they have somehow lost control of where their food comes from and knowledge of the growing process. Individuals are increasingly mindful of their role and responsibility in feeding themselves and their families … Read moreToday’s GROWING Trends

3 Types of Indoor Gardening Services

The aesthetic appeal of living walls and indoor gardens has certainly increased the demand for companies who not only manufacture indoor gardening products, but provide indoor gardening services as well. These companies alleviate much of the leg -work that goes into designing and planning indoor gardens, and are also a convenient option for maintaining the … Read more3 Types of Indoor Gardening Services