Why Choose Fogponics (Mistponics)?

Fogponics, also referred to as “mistponics”  is an advanced form of aeroponics which uses water in a vaporised form to transfer nutrients and oxygen to enclosed suspended plant roots. Fogponic systems were born out of technological advancements based on aeroponic systems. The reason fogponics has not reached mainstream popularity as compared to hydroponics is because the technology has not yet achieved economic viability for either … Read moreWhy Choose Fogponics (Mistponics)?

Vertical Hydroponic Systems For Hyper-Local Food

Did you know there are multiple benefits to growing vegetables hydroponically? The Pennsylvania start-up VEG-E Systems (Vertically Efficient Growing Environment Systems) is taking full advantage of vertical hydroponic systems and growing technology. These progressive growers are able to supply fresh food to their local markets year-round. This growing process is environmentally controlled in an indoor facility with … Read moreVertical Hydroponic Systems For Hyper-Local Food

Vertical Farming Mitigates Food Safety Concerns

With the rising popularity of urban agriculture and hydroponics, more people recognize the clear benefits of controlled-environment agriculture, which include water savings, year-round production, and reductions of pesticide use. This month I researched another benefit that consumers often take for granted: food safety. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, each year, “roughly … Read moreVertical Farming Mitigates Food Safety Concerns

The Vast Potential of the MEG Open-Source Indoor Greenhouse

It’s the 21st Century. We’re all connected. It’s absolutely the norm at this point for information to travel across the world in mere seconds. Therefore, it only makes sense that a hydroponics system should feature technology that allows people around the world to communicate freely, sharing growing ideas and information. Such is the case with … Read moreThe Vast Potential of the MEG Open-Source Indoor Greenhouse

Utilizing Hydroponic Cloud Technology

Sustainability and technology are often intertwined. From osmotic power to the electric car, technology has made sustainability in its current incarnation possible. Hydroponics’ Roots Are In Technology Hydroponics itself has its roots in technology. Without technology, the field would not be as advanced as the point where it’s currently available for anyone who is willing to put … Read moreUtilizing Hydroponic Cloud Technology

Hydro News: USDA Calls for Hydroponics Task Force

In March 2015, The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) published a Federal Register Notice calling for nominees for a new task force on aquaponics and hydroponics. This new task force will report to the National Organic Standards Board, describing current organic production methods and assess whether they align with the Organic Foods Production … Read moreHydro News: USDA Calls for Hydroponics Task Force

Urban Renovation: Hydroponic Retrofits in Unused Buildings

If there’s one thing the conversation of sustainability can teach us is that we must find opportunities to do things better than we did before – economically, socially, and environmentally. Cities are encouraged to see that urban renovations are underway whereby old, unused, or abandoned buildings and empty lots are being repurposed with a better … Read moreUrban Renovation: Hydroponic Retrofits in Unused Buildings

Top Smartphone Apps for Hydroponic Gardening

Hydroponic gardening can be an activity that requires a fair amount of skill. For growers who are devoted to their hobby, you may understand how hydroponic gardening is actually more of a science than just a pastime. To produce the best results you need to constantly monitor you’re the growing conditions of your indoor environment. … Read moreTop Smartphone Apps for Hydroponic Gardening