Changing The Landscape Through Hydroponic Technology

Companies like BrightFarms are changing our urban landscapes and feeding people locally.

Hydroponic Produce

Countries such as Canada grow and ship hydroponic produce. In fact, Canada happens to be one of the most important suppliers of hydroponic produce. The United States is the beneficiary of he majority of hydroponic produce grown by Canada. Tomatoes, bell peppers, and cucumbers that are grown using hydroponic technology are available in supermarkets in the USA. These come from hydroponic greenhouses such as BC Hot House suppliers. Canada has an abundant supply of water and produces high-quality fruits and vegetables in state of the art indoor hydroponic farms.

Holland is also recognized for their ability to use hydroponic technology resources and produce some of the top hydroponic crops.

Hydroponically grown tomatoes using Hydroponic Technology. Image

Hydroponic Technology

Hydroponic technology is transforming and has become more common than most people may realize.  Through hydroponic technology, climates, seasons, and even balancing time between work and pleasure, are no longer limiting our ability to grow food. We now have the technology to monitor systems and control growing environments to grow practically anywhere and at any time of the year.

Hydroponic systems are becoming more accessible, affordable, and improving endlessly. We have transformed the landscape of agriculture and made healthy food available. We now have the freedom to grow where we choose, even incorporating personal systems which add value to our lifestyle.

Hydroponic technology has given us:

  • Scalable and robust solutions for growing food
  • A changing landscape of automated growing systems
  • Solutions for filling an increasing consumer demand for local and sustainable food

Out of all of the links in the chain that sustains us, our food source – agriculture – is the most critical.

BrightFarms’ rooftop hydroponic farming system. Image via Owen Walz Design.

Changing Landscape

Technology has a large number investors interested in the future of renewable energies and agriculture.  Everyone is paying more attention. It’s no longer a surprise when investors are interested in issues around health, climate change, and sustainability. It’s more surprising when they are not.

Hydroponic farming produces up to eight times more produce per square meter as compared to producing using traditional agricultural methods.

Models from existing industries are being applied to hydroponic growing. For example, BrightFarms borrowed their model state-of-the-art greenhouse farms from the energy business – the solar business more specifically. By signing long-term agreements with retailers for 70 million dollars’ worth of produce it enabled the organization to attract financing for the greenhouses and leading them to scale quickly.

These massive investments in hydroponic technology will become more prolific as awareness increases surrounding the efficiencies of controlled environment agriculture. Hydroponic technology investments being made today are going to allow us to have positive, sustainable results for generations to come.Feature Image: BrightFarms rooftop farm rendering. Image via

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