5 Ways to Use Grow Trays in Hydroponic Gardening

In any hydroponic system, plant roots need a support system of some kind due to the absence of soil. A common support system to house plant roots is the grow tray.

Grow trays can be used in several different hydroponic methods. Grow trays make it easy for the DIY gardener who opts to build an indoor garden from scratch.

Here are 5 ways a grow tray can be used in hydroponic systems:

  1. Wick System: trays are used to hold plants in this passive grow system to deliver the nutrient solution from the reservoir with a wick.
  2. Drip System: grow trays are used to hold plants. The submersed pump is used to drip a nutrient solution onto the base of each plant by a small drip line.
  3. Ebb and Flow: the ebb and flow system temporarily floods the grow tray with the nutrient solution and then the solution drains back into the reservoir.
  4. Nutrient Film Technique (NFT): nutrient solution is pumped into the growing tray that’s usually a tube and flows over the roots of the plants. This system also has the solution draining back into the reservoir.
  5. Deep Water Culture: doesn’t use grow trays, but rather a platform that holds the plants. The platform is usually made of Styrofoam and floats, with the roots submerged in the nutrient enriched solution.

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