pH Balance: Health Benefits of Hydroponic Growing

Readers, partners, and colleagues want to know where the name “PowerHouse” came from. In a nutshell it came from the pH balance required for optimum hydroponic growing. pH: Power of Hydrogen Our name PowerHouse Hydroponics was inspired while working in the indoor gardening industry, and was based on the significance of pH balance in our water to promote … Read morepH Balance: Health Benefits of Hydroponic Growing

Organic Hydroponics as a Hybrid Growing Method

Is hydroponics necessarily organic? Is there such a thing as organic hydroponics that produces strictly organic produce? Yes, there is, and it can, by using the hybrid farming method known as bioponics. Bioponics can be defined as a “hybrid” farming method, as it combines hydroponics practices with organic methods in order to produce the highest quality food. … Read moreOrganic Hydroponics as a Hybrid Growing Method

DIY Organic Hydroponic Wheatgrass System (Plastic-Free)

A friend asked me if I could build him a hydroponic wheatgrass grower, but he had some specifications. No plastic No soil All organic No soil and organic was no problem, but I had to kind of break into uncharted territory with the choice of container. As you’re probably aware, almost every hydroponic system, weather … Read moreDIY Organic Hydroponic Wheatgrass System (Plastic-Free)

On-Site Soilless Gardening for Restaurants

With local food growing as a concern for many urban residents, restaurants are beginning to respond to consumer demands. By hyper-locally growing organic food, restaurants not only attract and retain a new and growing customer base, but they also feel positive economic impacts of this practice too. By growing their own produce, “Roof-to-Table” restaurants can … Read moreOn-Site Soilless Gardening for Restaurants

New Product: Art Garden Brings Families Together Over Food

As the consumer demand for sustainable food security solutions continues to rise so do the available at-home gardening systems. Many of these systems provide families and individuals with the opportunity to cut down their grocery bills, take charge of their health and nutrition, and experience the positive effects of growing your own food. Additionally, these … Read moreNew Product: Art Garden Brings Families Together Over Food

Making Your Organic Budget Stretch

We now know that purchasing organic produce is the healthier choice, but are you still on the fence that there’s value in buying organic produce? After reading this article, you’ll have found the solutions to get more from your organic produce purchase, and you’ll be able to rest easy knowing your food is pesticide-free. Now you can make your organic budget stretch … Read moreMaking Your Organic Budget Stretch

How MakerBot and 3Dponics are Sparking Interest in Hydroponics

Building your own hydroponics system just became even more educational and fun. The 3Dponics Customizer  is now a MakerBot-Ready App—one of just nine apps, featured by MakerBot, that make exploring 3D printing both instructive and enjoyable. 3Dponics Inc., creators of the first ever 3D-printable hydroponics system, and MakerBot, the leading manufacturer of consumer-friendly desktop 3D … Read moreHow MakerBot and 3Dponics are Sparking Interest in Hydroponics

Looking for great fertilizer? Try your local Zoo

Looking for the perfect fertilizer for your garden oasis? You may need to look no further than your local zoo. Many of the world’s leading zoological parks are profiting from something they have plenty of: animal dung. Sold under such evocative labels as “Zoo Poo” or “Zoo Doo” this nutrient rich mixture of animal waste, food scraps, … Read moreLooking for great fertilizer? Try your local Zoo

LED Lighting Technology in Controlled Environments

The innovation and advancement of LED lighting technology has brought with it a host of other important benefits. The field of plant growth research has been able to advance substantially due to the advantages that LED lights provide through full spectrum lighting. Plant science and LED lighting technology work hand in hand to discover the … Read moreLED Lighting Technology in Controlled Environments