pH Balance: Health Benefits of Hydroponic Growing


Readers, partners, and colleagues want to know where the name “PowerHouse” came from. In a nutshell it came from the pH balance required for optimum hydroponic growing.

pH: Power of Hydrogen

Our name PowerHouse Hydroponics was inspired while working in the indoor gardening industry, and was based on the significance of pH balance in our water to promote healthy growing. “Powerhouse” is synonymous with efficiency, strength, and authority. “Powerhouse” is also strongly tied to healthy food and living. These two elements formed the perfect representation of our vision to be the world’s best resource for food security through hydroponic growing.

At The Core

pH is an indicator of the level of performance in whatever is being measured. In our purpose, pH became an emblem of the healthy cultivation of plants.

Benefits of pH Balance

Proper pH balance can be seen as a restorative balance between humans and our food. A city infused with urban agriculture refines and softens the lines between earth and human by growing food close to where people consume it.

pH-balanced hydroponic solutions bridge the gap between the human need for agriculture and technology through sustainable, scalable, and tailored growing solutions.

With food security and hyper-local food production, we focus on those who will ultimately benefit from hydroponic growing.

Such benefits include closely monitored pH levels for optimum production, water conservation, decreased energy if applied correctly, improved social conditions and community, and enhanced health benefits.

Trending vs. Sustainable

Our instinctual need for strong relationships with our food in order to perform at our happiest and healthiest human levels moved us to find sustainable agriculture solutions. Living in the city, we need food production to be closer to home. Growing healthy also means implementing systems that will produce and will last.

Though we explore trending initiatives and innovative ideas, our message will always return to that which is at our core: sustainably integrating soilles urban agriculture methods into urban development. It’s vital to our future and the fate of our planet that we ensure a pH balance, and that our implemented solutions continue to improve the quality of our food, air, and essentially our health. 

Stocked with educational and solution-based information and stories, PowerHouse Hydroponics is helping cities, businesses, and individuals learn how to sustainably achieve their symbiotic pH balance for a more organic state of existence.

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