New Product: Art Garden Brings Families Together Over Food


As the consumer demand for sustainable food security solutions continues to rise so do the available at-home gardening systems. Many of these systems provide families and individuals with the opportunity to cut down their grocery bills, take charge of their health and nutrition, and experience the positive effects of growing your own food. Additionally, these systems today are designed for your convenience, by maximizing space and saving on water and energy costs.

One of the newest gardening solutions on the scene is the Art Garden – a vertically designed soilless growing system that uses aeroponic technology to produce more crops in a smaller space. The Art Garden has the potential to grow up to 90 plants in just 4 square feet of space. Developed by the husband and wife team Benjamin and Sara Staffeldt, the Art Garden fills the need that a growing number of families have not only for better nutritional options for their children, but for supplemental income as well.


Sara and Benjamin Staffedlt, creators of the Art Garden, believe that growing food is an important way to bring families together.

In fact, family is the primary drive behind the creation of the Art Garden. As a young couple, the Staffeldts are looking to design their lifestyle so that it may be focused on the raising of their family in a healthy and positive setting. Gardening and producing your own food is truly an ideal foundation from which they can make their vision a reality.

“This system is about family staying together and creating income together.”

The efficiency of the Art Garden allows Benjamin and Sara to produce enough food that they are able to rely on its sales as supplemental income. Despite the cold Wisconsin climate, the family can continue to grow year-round with the Art Garden even in less than ideal conditions. The Art Garden’s light refracting technology allows them to recreate a spectrum of light necessary to produce healthy yields faster.

Believing in the solutions and benefits they’ve created through the Art Garden, the Staffeldts have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise capital in order to increase production and provide solutions for other growers who, like Benjamin and Sara, want to support their families.


By pledging to their Kickstarter campaign you will receive your Art Garden so that you may begin growing your own food in any climate as well. With your pledge you may also be eligible to receive organic and non-GMO seed packets, a PPM meter for testing your nutrient solution, and Art Garden swag including t-shirts and key chains.

To learn more about Benjamin and Sara and the passion that fuels the Art Garden, check out their video below or visit their Kickstarter page for the full story. You can also check out their YouTube channel to see the healthy produce grown using the Art Garden.

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