Utilizing Hydroponic Cloud Technology

Sustainability and technology are often intertwined. From osmotic power to the electric car, technology has made sustainability in its current incarnation possible.

Hydroponics’ Roots Are In Technology

Hydroponics itself has its roots in technology. Without technology, the field would not be as advanced as the point where it’s currently available for anyone who is willing to put the time into making hydroponics a part of their lifestyle.

A diagram of Cloud Computing. Image via Data-Hive.com.

The Future of Hydroponic Technology

So what’s the next technological breakthrough for the hydroponics sector?  There may not be one singular breakthrough that rises above the others in terms of importance, as each of them has their own importance.  Given that, the online world has seen the developments of cloud technology, and this technology is gaining steam in the hydroponics sector.

Hydroponic Cloud Technology

Cloud technology, in general, does not just provide sustainable benefits for merely hydroponics. Sustainability in general can benefit from the use of cloud technology. There are many environmental benefits that may make an impact if the use of the cloud is utilized. Its utilization can help reduce carbon emissions, waste, and energy consumption.

So far, hydroponic cloud technology is less about environmental impact, but rather using the technology to help provide hydroponic gardeners with systems that offer convenience, accuracy, and in-depth information that even seasoned growers may overlook. Many of these devices place a particular emphasis on giving gardeners the tools to make sure their gardens are healthy and running perfectly. With the use of the hydroponic cloud technology, growers are far more likely to run a more successful and healthier hydroponic farm.

As the benefits of hydroponic cloud technology gain reverence, there will be more and more products available to help growers. Here are some examples of products that are leading the way in hydroponic cloud technology.

Diagram of Bitponics Device. Image via Bitponics.


Initially developed by two engineers and funded via Kickstarter, this cloud-based monitor helps growers control every part of a hydroponic garden. The system provides monitoring of all of the necessities that go into cultivating a healthy hydroponic garden. This device aims to help gardeners with the growing process, making it far easier and better for the garden’s wellbeing, while improving efficiency. The system is also designed to be user friendly, which means that beginners can use it without having to worry about a steep learning curve.  As a result, this device can help expand the number of hydroponic farmers, including those who were previously intimidated to start an effective hydroponic farm.

In addition, the networking aspect of the Bitponics device has benefits as well. Any grower on vacation will be able to take care of the garden without having to be physically present ensuring no errors will ruin their garden. The system also lets growers share their own plan among a community.  Through this system, gardeners can gain wisdom and learn from others who share a mutual interest.

SmartBee Controller’s system components. Image via SmartBee Controllers.

Smartbee Controllers

Much like the Bitponic system, the SmartBee Controller aims to provide hydroponic gardeners with crucial information and helpful applications to run a better hydroponic garden.  The SmartBee Controller utilizes an intricate system of sensors, wireless software, and a control unit. The software and hardware collide with one another, offering hydroponic gardeners a myriad of tools to maximize their garden’s health and growth.

The sensors monitor water and CO2 levels, as well as the garden’s temperature, humidity, and light. The system software that SmartBee utilizes provides gardeners with a ton of features, such as lighting control, temperature control, grow tools, and more. Thanks to the software, a farmer has a wealth of helpful tools on their hand.

The OsmoBot System. Image via OsmoBot.com


Currently in its beta testing and to be released in 2015, the OsmoBot seems to be another stellar product that will be benefit hydroponic gardeners. Potentially providing valuable benefits to many forms of “ponics”, the system hopes to provide farmers with the ability to run their gardens using important data information, helpful apps, wireless options, monitoring, and other features.
 Like many other devices, the OsmoBot monitors the growing methods, in order to make sure the garden health is being maximized. Through utilization of the device, the system offers a host of benefits that aim to make a user’s hydroponic farm thrive.

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