Sylvia Bernstein, The Aquaponic Source


Innovator, entrepreneur, teacher, gardener, and author Sylvia Bernstein is more than an inspiration in the world of aquaponics, she’s revolutionary. Bernstein has been actively involved in the hydroponics and aquaponics industry since 2003 and has definitely made her mark.

Bernstein, a graduate from the University of California, Davis has a degree in Agricultural Economics and also received her MBA from the University of Chicago. While Bernstein’s education is very impressive, her contribution to the aquaponics industry goes well beyond it. She’s a passionate and dedicated teacher who speaks excitedly about the potential of aquaponic growing. Sylvia and her husband Alan are also excellent role models to the industry with a prospering aquaponic farm in a greenhouse on their property in Boulder, CO.

For many years Sylvia was the VP of Marketing and Product Development for AeroGrow International, the makers of the AeroGarden.  She was one of their original founders and played a very important role in developing their plant growth technology.

In 2009 Sylvia Bernstein founded The Aquaponic Source, which has become the leading U.S. based company that is entirely concentrated on the home aquaponic gardener. The Aquaponic Source both develops and sources high quality aquaponic systems, supplies, and educational materials. Not only do they provide their customers with the best tools on the market for safe and successful aquaponic growing, but they personally test the products that they sell in their grow lab in Colorado. The products that The Aquaponic Source offers are available online at and also at their retail store in Longmont, CO. Bernstein’s store is exactly as their slogan says “YOUR source for all your aquaponic gardening needs”.

Aquaponic Gardening by Sylvia Bernstein.

Bernstein doesn’t just share her immense knowledge with her staff and customers, she put it in print when she authored “Aquaponic Gardening: A Step by Step Guide to Growing Fish and Vegetables Together” for which she won a Silver Achievement Award from the Garden Writers Association for Outstanding Technical Gardening Book, and was also recommend as a Mother Earth News Book for Wiser Living. Bernstein’s book is available for purchase on Amazon.  She also writes a frequently updated Aquaponic Gardening Blog and produces educational videos on their Aquaponic Gardening YouTube Channel.

Sylvia Bernstein co-founded The Aquaponics Association (, for which she is a former Vice Chairman, and today runs the largest aquaponic forum in the world, the Aquaponic Gardening Community ( Her desire for a sustainable future is the driving force behind the growth of the aquaponics industry and her aspiration to share her passion through education and outreach is what makes her a true visionary.

Feature Image: Sylvia Bernstein, Founder and President of The Aquaponic Source, in Longmont CO.

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