Proper Ventilation For Indoor Gardening


Indoor gardening requires proper ventilation to maintain the health of plants. Oxygen is in fact, one of the primary requirements for plants to grow. It doesn’t matter what type of plant you’re growing, stagnant air will negatively impact plant health. Initially, stagnant air may not seem like a big concern – especially to beginners of indoor gardening. However, over time the stagnant air will deteriorate the plant because they need a constant flow of carbon dioxide. A constant air flow does many things for your indoor garden. Read on to find out more about the importance of proper ventilation for growing indoors.


Axial Fan 550 by CFM. Image via Hydrotek.

Prevents Mold and Bacteria Build-up

One of the main problems that results from indoor hydroponic growing is the potential build-up of mold due to the damp conditions. Moisture is a breeding ground for mold and bacteria but can be prevented by proper ventilation and a constant flow of air.

Reduces Heat Impact

An indoor garden has the potential to reach high temperatures due to the grow lights emitting constantly emitting heat. This is not only damaging to your plants but it can further lead to stagnant air.  A properly ventilated room will remove hot air and replace it with cool air to regulate the interior temperature.


Carbon air filters purify indoor air. Image via Can Filters.

Eliminates Odor Emissions

Indoor growing is known to emit an odor that is naturally produced by plants. To prevent the odor from travelling throughout your home or building, you can easily set-up a carbon air filter which will purify indoor air. This should get rid of odor. Be sure to change out the filter regularly.

Indoor Gardening Ventilation Systems

For beginners there are different types of ventilation systems that can be set-up for your indoor garden. Depending on what your needs are for your garden, well as your budget, you may want to try dehumidifiers or fans. Many of the units available are designed specifically for indoor gardening whereby they monitor temperature and humidity levels so that you can adjust accordingly.

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