How to Prevent and Treat Root Rot


Many gardeners have experienced root rot in soil-based container gardening. The root rot occurs in this scenario because the soil is oversaturated and didn’t receive proper drainage. This means that the plants’ roots aren’t absorbing oxygen as well because they’re too moist. Left untreated, this condition will cause your plants’ roots to deteriorate over time until eventually your plant with perish.

Prevent Root Rot

In hydroponics, root rot may also occur when the water being circulated through the system isn’t properly aerated. To prevent root rot from occurring in the hydroponic systems, it’s important to properly set-up the system off the bat. This means the system must have an established airflow in the recirculating water. There are many aeration systems and methods that can be used in your hydroponic garden.

Many growers choose “air stones” which are also called aquarium bubblers. These are porous stones that come in a variety of sizes. Air stones gradually diffuse air into the reservoir providing added oxygen to the plants’ roots which are suspended in the nutrient solution. Growers also insert air diffusers into their water reservoirs to create continual bubbles. These are more expensive than air stones but have a longer life cycle. As with any component of your hydroponic garden, you’ll want to ensure that these systems are working properly as it’s all about the prevention of root rot.


Treat Root Rot

If prevention methods don’t work however, and you still experience this condition there are ways to treat root rot. In a hydroponic system, you have the option of flushing your plants out. Many growers do this regularly anyways to prevent mineral build-up as well as the growth of bacteria – something that can also lead to root rot. You can flush out your plants by removing the existing nutrient solution and adding plain water with an enzyme formula that has sterilization properties. This will help reset your hydroponic system, treat root rot, and give your roots a fresh start.

Another cause for root rot may just be the temperature and overall climate. Too learn more about how to create a proper climate for your hydroponic garden check out our post on how to properly ventilate your grow room.

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