Full Service Indoor Gardening

Full service indoor gardening is a growing market which provides many benefits to its customer base. As a result an increasing number of developers and home owners are interested in the benefits of indoor gardening. The aesthetic appeal of living and edible walls and vertical gardening means an increase in the demand for professional services which will consult, design, install, and maintain these indoor gardens.

Though living walls, vertical gardens, and hydroponic technology interest many, there are still some who aren’t yet sold on the concept’s feasibility or true sustainability. This is why professional full service indoor gardening companies are an important component of the urban agriculture and integrated vegetation industries. These full service indoor gardening companies can provide a full range of gardening options, but they are also important educators in advancing our understanding of indoor gardening capabilities.

Here are some of the areas in which full service indoor gardening companies can support a business or homeowner’s needs when it comes to improving our built environment.

The indoor garden at Moto Restaurant in Chicago by AMB Eco.

Soilless Gardens for Restaurants

The “Farm-to-Table” movement in the food industry is a growing trend that’s not just a fad. It makes sense. Restaurant owners in North American cities are catching on to the idea of hyper-local food and how it appeals to a growing customer base. As such, hydroponic gardening experts are providing full service indoor gardening options direct to restaurant owners to help them achieve their vision of providing fresh food grown right on site.

One example of such a company is AMB Eco who installed a hydroponic stacked tray system indoors at Moto Restaurant in Chicago. This restaurant is able to efficiently grow their own fruits and vegetables and microgreens thanks to the full service indoor gardening consultation and design provided by AMB Eco.

Three-story living wall at the Westland Real Estate Office in Long Beach, California installed by LiveWall.

Living Walls for Office Buildings

Indoor plants improve the air quality within buildings so it’s no wonder many offices are turning to living walls to help support the health and well-being of employees. Not to mention the resultant benefit of increased productivity.

LiveWall is a full service indoor gardening company which designs and installs indoor and outdoor living walls. The Westland Real Estate office in Long Beach California has a three story indoor LiveWall which creates a serene working environment.

An edible wall system for the kitcheb by GroVert. Image via GrowEdibleWalls.com

Edible Walls for the Home

An edible wall is a wall-mounted vertical and automated garden which grows your herbs, fruits, or vegetables right in your kitchen. Not only does it add aesthetic appeal to your kitchen but it’s convenient too.

Edible Walls is a full service indoor gardening company which provides residential design services. These experts will help you select your best plant options. Once they’ve provided you with their consultation, they will plant your edible wall in a vertical garden format and ship it directly to you.

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