9 Important Benefits of Urban Gardening


Urban gardening is becoming a popular option among city dwellers. A disconnect from nature and from the food production process has a lot of people concerned over their health and quality of life. Nowadays, there are plenty of options for urbanites including indoor gardening systems. These options make it easier for individuals and families to reap the benefits of growing your own food.

Here are some important benefits to be obtained from urban gardening:

1. Improved indoor air quality.

2. Lowered risk of respiratory disorders, as well as chronic headaches and eye irritation.

3. Increased levels of empathy and compassion through attention and care given to plants.

4. Improved human mental wellbeing as well as productivity levels.

5. Access to fresh kitchen ingredients in your own home.

6. Reduced risk of chemical ingestion found in foods that have been transported to grocery stores.

7. Increased awareness about the need for improving our environmental impact.

8. Reduced maintenance requirements as plants are relatively safe from pests and disease.

9. Increased availability of low-maintenance, automated indoor gardening systems for the home or office.

Read more about the benefits of urban gardening and the methods available to grow your own food.Feature Image: Modern Sprout Planter for indoor urban gardening. Image via Modern Sprout.

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