8 Types of Aquaponic Fish

Aquaponics is a form of hydroponic or soilless gardening that is closed-loop and highly efficient. Waste from fish is recirculated as fertilizer to containers of plants where they uptake the nutrients through their roots. Some systems can be fairly simple but there are still certain specifics to understand beforehand. One of the most commonly asked questions regarding aquaponics is about the best types of aquaponic fish to use in the system.

Here are 8 types of aquaponic fish which are most commonly used in these types of gardening systems.

1. Tilapia

2. Goldfish

3. Koi

4. Arctic Char

5. Trout

6. Bass

7. Barramundi

8. Murray Cod

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Feature Image: Aquaponic tilapia fish. Image via Aquaponics Plans.

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