8 Economic Benefits of Commercial Hydroponics

Commercial hydroponics operations are becoming a popular business model option for new-age farmers. With the demand for organic, locally-produced food increasing, as well as the availability of cloud technology, commercial hydroponics can become a economically viable option for food supply in urban areas. Not only are its direct economic benefits felt by the business owner, but the community as a whole benefits from its operation.

Here are 8 economic benefits that are attributed to successful commercial hydroponics facilities:

1. Less labor intensive due to automated controls and harvests

2. Controllable operating costs through conserved water and energy consumption

3. Economies of scale yield more crops in less time

4. Producing better quality crops adds value to the produce

5. Repurposing abandoned buildings improves local marketplace

6. Urban food production cuts down on shipping costs

7. Greater market acceptance means people are willing to pay for it

8. Technology is available today to automate and maximize efficiency

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