7 Ways to Prevent Plant Stress


If you’re an experienced grower you know how important maintaining a stable garden environment is for the overall health of your plants. Even slight changes in growing conditions or inconsistencies in feeding, watering, and lighting may send your plants into shock. Plant stress is an important problem to be aware of if you’re keeping a garden – especially one with a multitude of plant types.

As with most things, the best treatment for plant stress is prevention. Here are the best ways to prevent plant stress:

1. Don’t withhold water – maintain water levels at a constant, including temperature and pH levels.

2. Avoid breaking stems and remove dead leaves regularly.

3. Don’t keep plants under too low or high light intensity.

4. Maintain constant appropriate nutrient levels.

5. Maintain ambient conditions – proper ventilation, air temperatures, humidity levels.

6. Prevent pests and mold and dealing with them immediately as they arise. Stressed plants invite in further pests and disease.

7. Ensure proper Co2 levels are available for plants to perform photosynthesis.

To learn more about detecting and preventing plant stress check out the full article here.

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