5 Hydroponic Growing Methods

If you’ve decided to take the hydroponic plunge there are certainly ore than a few things to know. The following is a list of the different types of hydroponic growing methods. This will be helpful if you’re thinking of building your own hydroponic garden but don’t know where to start. Some of these hydroponic growing methods are more complex than others.

5 Hydroponic Growing Methods

  1. Drip Irrigation – System in which water and nutrients are delivered via gravity dripping your H2O supply at a constant rate.
  2. Ebb and Flow – An inert medium that the plants grow through is flooded periodically.
  3. Nutrient Film Technique – A shallow stream of water is recirculated through the plants roots.
  4. (Deep) Water Culture – A plant suspended in water that is constantly being aerated.
  5. Wick System – Utilizing capillary action to deliver water to the plants

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NOTE: If you’re at the beginner stage then I recommend starting with a simple drip irrigation. It’s the most basic of the hydroponic growing methods and can be constructed at minimal cost.

Feature Image: Live sustainably using a hydroponic gardening system. Image via The Life Experimenter.

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