4 Tips for Maintaining Hydroponic Wick Systems


For soilless gardening beginners, hydroponic wick systems are a good method to start with. DIY hydroponic wick systems are easy to create using limited components. If you decide to proceed with a basic hydroponic wick system for your indoor garden, there are a few pointers to follow.

Tips for Maintaining Hydroponic Wick Systems

Because hydroponic wick systems are very basic in their design and function, it’s important to maintain them manually. Here are some tips to follow to reduce the chance of damaging plant growth:

  1. Set up multiple wicks to provide plants with a greater amount of water and nutrients
  2. Keep the water level high in the reservoir so it doesn’t need to travel as far
  3. Rinse your growing media regularly to avoid nutrient build up which can be toxic to plants
  4. If needed, try adding an air stone to aerate water to provide more oxygen to your plants

For more information of hydroponics wick systems and how to construct your own, check out our original article here.

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