4 Things to Know About Co2 Levels in Hydroponic Gardening


In hydroponic gardening, your plants don;t naturally receive as much C02 as they would with traditional gardening. That’s why it’s important to supplement Co2 levels in hydroponic gardening when necessary. But there are some critical things to know before you add Co2 as well as after C02 is added.

Here are four things to be aware of regarding Co2 in hydroponic gardening,

Growing Conditions
Growing conditions should be in tip-top shape including, proper lighting, ventilation and airflow, spacing between crops, and the current nutrient levels all working together in your system.
Measure Co2 Levels
Measuring the current C02 levels before deciding to increase. To measure the levels of Co2 in hydroponics you may use a Co2 monitoring system.

Increase Co2 Levels
If Co2 levels are low, boost carbon dioxide with Co2 enrichment methods.

Maintain Co2 Levels
Co2 monitoring systems can be put on a timer so that they only dispense C02 during the day/lighting cycle as this is the time when photosynthesis occurs.

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