3 Winter Indoor Gardening Tips


Winter indoor gardening is a great pass-time for many individuals and families. It allows a variety of food-producing plants to be grown at home during months when they otherwise couldn’t be grown. When the seasons change, there are a few things to know about winter indoor gardening to ensure healthy plant growth.

Here are three winter indoor gardening tips:

During the winter, you’ll need to use artificial lighting to supplement sunlight. Keep your utility costs down by placing your lights on a timing cycle and boosting light efficiency with ballasts and reflectors.

Reduce the amount of heat and energy loss while maintaining a consistent temperature for your plants. Don’t let temperatures dip below 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

As winter air becomes more arid, plants to react negatively to the lack of moisture. Try adding a humidifier to control the indoor climate. Some plants can also be misted with water on their leaves, but not too much or you’ll risk mold build-up.

Check out the original article for more information on winter indoor gardening.Hydroponic basil garden. Image via Sassy Susan Creates.

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