3 Ways to Measure Water pH Levels


Regular testing of your nutrient solution’s pH level is important. Having a proper pH level between 5.5 and 6.5 in your hydroponic gardening system will ensure that your plants are receiving the correct level of nutrients to support their healthy growth. A correct pH balance helps the plants with their absorption abilities.

Here are three ways to measure water pH levels no matter what level of expertise you’re at:

Use a paper strip coated in a pH indicating dye. Dip the strip into the water and wait for the strip to change color. Then compare the color against a pH color chart to determine the corresponding pH level number.
Use a pH testing kit for liquids. This is a dye that you drop into the water which will change color. Again, use a pH color chart to get a reading of the pH level.
A digital pH meter can be used to obtain the most accurate reading of the pH level. These digital meters are available at your local indoor gardening supplier.

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