3 Reasons to Keep Your Grow Room Ventilated

Growing plants with any method can be difficult enough. There are lots of specifics to learn, especially about what each type of plant requires. With indoor gardening, it’s all about achieving the right set of growing conditions to help your plants thrive in a controlled environment. With a room dedicated entirely to growing plants, there are many things to be aware of in order to prevent frustration and to ensure your plants stay healthy. Why and how to keep your grow room ventilated is an often overlooked aspect of indoor gardening. This may be because it’s not a direct component of the system you’re using, and the lack of ventilation produces negative side effects after the fact.

Essentially, plants need a constant flow of air in order to convert Co2 into oxygen as part of their natural photosynthesis process. Because plants are regularly producing oxygen, it’s important to keep your grown room ventilated so that the air doesn’t become stagnant.

Here are three important reasons to keep your grow room ventilated:

Prevent Mold and Bacteria Build-up
Reduce Heat Impact
Eliminate Odor

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