21 Benefits of Hydroponic Growing

Here are the top benefits of hydroponic growing of your food or other plants. Not only is it a cleaner, faster, and easier way of growing as compared to traditional methods, but at PowerHouse Growers we also believe hydroponics will move from being the trendy way to being the sustainable way for future urban cities.

1. No soil needed.

2. Almost any plant can be grown.

3. Lower water consumption as it is recycled through the system.

4. Lower nutrition requirements.

5. Pollution free with the fully controlled system.

6. Healthy stable plants that produce higher yields.

7. Pests and diseases are easier to get rid of.

8. Ease and richness of harvesting.

9. No pesticide damage.

10. Shorter growth cycle.

11. Plant’s roots don’t grow out as far in search of nutrients.

12. No weeds (unless of course you are growing weeds on purpose)

13. No back breaking labor because the process can now be fully automated and mess-free

14. Wheelchair accessible – portable and can be placed anywhere.

15. Modern, trendy, and compact systems are perfect for condos and all small spaces.

16. Indoor systems keep you and your plants out of the cold.

17. With the right system (not one that totally infuriates you) stress will melt away!

18. Nurture plant growth by playing music – try some indie rock.

19. Get back in touch with nature – need we say more.

20. Provides the WOW factor.

21. Impress your friends and family with your gardening talents.

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Feature Image: Making a salad. Image via Shutterstock.

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