17 Benefits of Local Food Production

It’s hard to believe there’s still debate over whether or not it’s important to know how our food is being produced and where it’s coming from. If you’re already buying organic or you’re trying to buy locally as much as possible, you might also be considering attempting to grow your own food. There is lots of great information on how you start growing your own food but here are 17 reasons to grow your own food.

1. Help reduce global water consumption

2. Contribute to a reduction in pollution

3. Prevent further habitat destruction

4. Avoid harmful pest control chemicals

5. Eat healthier and fresher foods

6. Eat what’s in season

7. Save money

8. Add your own greenery to the city

9. Reduce harmful water runoff

10. Reconnect with nature

11. Gain an appreciation for the value of food production

12. Reduce personal waste by purchasing less packaged goods

13. Use your vegetable garden as a peaceful getaway

14. Have fun trying out different grow mediums

15. Receive incentives depending on your city’s programs and potentially be able to provide the community with food as well

16. Give the bees more plants to pollinate

17. Know with 100% confidence that what you’re putting in your body is all-natural organic produce

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Feature Image: Fizzy Farms compact hydroponic grower. Image via Inhabitat.com.

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