15 Benefits of Aeroponic Growing


Though aeroponic technology was initialized in the 1930’s it hasn’t gained popular awareness until recent years. In fact aeroponic technology is now seen as a major advantage in the movement for large-scale urban food production. More and more facilities are opting to go with aeroponic growing methods as opposed to regular hydroponic or aquaponic hybrid methods. With ongoing advancements in soilless growing technology and plant sciences it’s no wonder growers are seeking to understand the benefits of aeroponic growing methods.

Here are 15 important benefits of aeroponic growing:

1. Delivers nutrients directly to the plant roots

2. Completely programmable technology conserves energy

3. Closed-loop system conserves water

4. Conserves water through runoff absorption into roots

5. Moisture control for better plant growth

6. Can be combined with hydroponics

7. Crops are easier to harvest in the absence of soil

8. Higher density crops optimizes output

9. Reduce labor cost through automation

10. Produces higher quality food in a controlled environment

11. Reduced risk of disease and pest infestation in a controlled environment

12. No need to immerse immerse roots in water which offers more control

13.  Roots are provided with better exposure to oxygen

14. Scalable systems can range from commercial level to apartment-sized gardens

15. Produces more food with less effort

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