13 Plants You Can Grow Hydroponically

One of the most important decisions you’ll make when starting out your hydroponic garden is determining what you’d like to actually grow. The good thing about hydroponics is that you can grow most any agricultural plant soillessly.  Some grow better than others given the typical space constraints of hydroponic systems. Regardless here is a non-exhaustive list of 13 common plants you can grow hydroponically.

1.   Tomatoes
2.   Strawberries
3.   Raspberries
4.   Lettuce
5.   Various salad greens (kale, spinach, rocket, arugula)
6.   Micro greens
7.   Carrots
8.   Radishes
9.   Cucumbers
10. Cilantro
11.  Basil
12.  Mint
13.  Parsley

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Feature Image: Hydroponically grown plants. Image via Growing Plants Indoors.

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