Crowdfunding Campaigns

If you’re launching a crowdfunding campaign to showcase your new product and earn customer support, PowerHouse Hydroponics can help you reach a targeted market of interested growers. In support of your KICKSTARTER, INDIEGOGO, RocketHub, FundRazr, GoGetFunding, Crowdfunder, and Start Some Good (for non-profits) campaign, PowerHouse Hydroponics can ensure you’re receiving the promotional exposure needed to attract consumers to your campaign and boost your fundraising success.


  • Developed a new product to that people need to know about
  • Believe your product or service can make a difference
  • Need to bring awareness to  a crowdfunding campaign
  • Want to reach new consumer markets
  • Seeking funding and consumer backing

Raise More Capital. Faster.

PowerHouse Hydroponics will help you gain consumer support by sharing the story behind the product through an introduction article, ad placement within a contextual adverting, distribution and sponsorship in our newsletter, and a launch-week social media blast.
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