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Remember Victory Gardens? I do… Well, from high school US History class, I do. Remember how they provided approximately 40 percent of all U.S. vegetable produce during World War II? Remember how the government declared a boost in morale as being one of the many benefits of growing independently? The Possibilities of Hydroponics Well a...

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When it comes to soilless growing methods, most that are familiar with hydroponics are also relatively familiar with aquaponics. However, there are two other notable methods that we at PowerHouse Hydroponics think readers should be aware of. Below we cover the similarities and differences between four different soilless growing methods. Four Soilless Growing Methods Hydroponics...

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Why Choose Fogponics (Mistponics)?

March 31, 2014 | 0 Comments

Fogponics, also referred to as “mistponics”  is an advanced form of aeroponics which uses water in a vaporised form to transfer nutrients and oxygen to enclosed suspended plant roots. Fogponic systems were born out of technological advancements based on aeroponic systems. The reason fogponics has not reached mainstream popularity as compared to hydroponics is because the technology has not yet achieved economic viability for either...

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